The Freeriders

The Freeriders are an adventuring group that formed about six months ago at the village of Elsir’s Crossing. They have been fairly active in this time dealing with various threats to the peace of the Vale. Their most acclaimed deed to date has been to root out and destroy a cabal of death cultists in a small isolated town called Beacon.

They spent some time in Brindol not long before the PCs arrived and went west in answer to the call from Overlook. They are moderately famous at the moment and so their names etc are all widely known.

The Freeriders are comprised of:

Megan Swiftblade – Human female – Fighter and leader of the group
Ragnum Dourstone – Dwarf male – Priest
Sylen Leafrunner – Elf male – Ranger
Ghena Tenson – Human female – Wizard
Madrick – Gnome male – Rogue


The Freeriders

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