The Beast Brigade

About seventy years ago, a group of mercenaries, comprised entirely of Shifters and going by the name of The Beast Brigade were active in the eastern end of the Vale and out into the plains beyond. Their leader was a Longtooth by the name of Menuris Strongblood. He was a warrior with a stong bent for tactics and an eye that saw the possibilities that were open for a small but mobile mercenary group.

Initially formed entirely from the adventure seeking youth of Menuris’s own tribe, the Brigade gained new members wherever it went as Shifters saw the group in action. The name The Beast Brigade was originally meant as an ironic nickname. One disparaging minor noble had once turned the company away from his town saying, “What use have I for a Brigade of beasts?”. Menuris thought it amusing thereafter to refer to the group as The Beast Brigade internally but the name stuck and eventually became the official public name of the group.

After a little over twenty years of successful action the Beast Brigade ceased to be as it’s senior members aged and retired and there was little drive amongst the remnants for running a mercenary company. Today the company name is not widely known within the Vale. It is most likely to only be known of by historians and military enthusiasts.


The Beast Brigade

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