Enduring Beast Armor

A suit of black hide armor


+1 Armor Enhancement

Property: While you are in beast form you regain 2 additional hit points whenever you spend a healing surge.

Power: Daily (minor action) – You spend a healing surge.


This suit of black hide armor is finely worked and has the symbol for Longtooth on the left shoulder and the symbol for Razorclaw on the right.

About seventy years ago, a group of mercenaries, comprised entirely of Shifters and going by the name of The Beast Brigade were active in the eastern end of the Vale and out into the plains beyond. This armor was one of a number that were made for and worn by the squad leaders within the brigade. Given Shifters general predilection for classes that wear natural armors, most of these were made of hide.

After a little over ten years of successful action the Beast Brigade ceased to be as it’s senior members aged and retired and there was little drive amongst the remnants for running a mercenary company. Over time the suits of armor have moved on to other owners or have disappeared completely. Few are now known and fewer still remain in the Vale.

Enduring Beast Armor

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