Banid's Blade

Psionic Longsword

weapon (melee)

+1 Hit/Damage
On Crit +1d6 Psychic Damage

Power: Daily (minor action) – You gain 1 power point until the end of your next turn.
You can use this power point only to augment a psionic attack power.


Banid’s Blade is a finely wrought longsword, very slightly longer and thinner than is currently in style, marking it as a blade of some age. The faintly glowing runes set on the blade up by the guard mark it as a magical one.

When the blade’s power is used the faint silvery glow from the runes briefly brightens and runs down the length of the blade.

Forged at least three hundred years ago for an unknown hero of old, the sword has been in the possession of the von Urstadt family for about two hundred years. During this time it has been wielded by various Knights within the family, most carrying the sword into fine regard, none moreso than Banid von Urstadt, the first within the family to carry it and the one for whom it is now named.

Banid was a Battle Mind, one of only two in the family’s long history, the second being Banid’s son Conius who carried the sword after his father died. Several other knights carried the blade over the years (for them it functioned solely as a +1 sword). With the fading of the family the sword was interred with the last Knight to bear the von Urstadt name, Engris von Urstadt.

Banid's Blade

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