Barmaid in the Antler and Thistle


Female Half Elf

Average height, slightly skinny. Mousy blond hair rather rough cut. Not unattractive, but no great beauty.


Alys was the barmaid in the Antler and Thistle on the night that the new Red Hand forces attacked Brindol and a small group of hobgoblins invaded the tavern in search of the old red hand banner than hung on the wall.

She was one of the witnesses to the spur of the moment creation of the adventuring group consisting of Gladys, Okidoki, Thomas and Chenia to meet the threat.

She was also the same barmaid that crowned one of the hobgoblins with a drinks tray, killing it stone dead, much to the amazement of all (including her)

Subsequent to that Alys was drafted into the role of messenger for the city watch since many had died during the night of the raid. She was the one who delivered the message to the PCs that one of the town councilors wanted to see them.


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