The Scales of War


Shall we call him Mr Johnson?


Shortly afterwards, the four adventurers, having finished their breakfasts, followed Alys through the streets of Brindol, heading for the meeting with the Councilmember.

“So,” said Chenia, always keen to know about the people she was about to meet, “does anyone know anything about this Eoffram Troyas then?”

Okidoki piped up “Can’t help I’m afraid. I’ve not long since arrived in town, so I really don’t know anyone,”

Gladys looks briefly at the others and ahead to Alys, who is a little ahead of the group and says “He is a member of the City Council of Brindol. There are nine on the council, hereditary nobles and guild leaders mostly, plus the Captain of the Guard. Troyas is the newest Councilmember. A bit controversial too. He’s less inclined than most to just do things the way they’ve always been done if he thinks there might be a better way to do it. I think he recently suggested using adventurers rather than town guard to hunt down some bandits. Caused a bit of a stir with the older Councilmembers.”

Okidoki spoke up again, “So, he might be going to offer us work. Hunting down these bandits then?”

Chenia shook her head… “It’s possible I suppose, but I’d think that last night’s outrage is probably more likely to be the topic of conversation. Those weren’t mere bandits that attacked the town. If anything, he’s going to want to talk to us about that.”


Shortly after, the group arrived at the council building and Alys led the group in to a meeting room. Leaving them there briefly she departed and advised the Councilmember that the group had arrived and in short order Eoffram Troyas entered the room, followed by Alys and an elf, dressed in leather armour.

Eoffram Troyas was a half elf of average height and build and with neatly styled blond hair and a small and dapper goatee beard. He was dressed in plain if finely tailored clothing and carried a small wooden box under his left arm.

Troyas stared hard at each of the group for a moment and then almost as if by magic, a wide and friendly smile blossomed across his face.

“Greetings! Greetings one and all my fine, heroic friends. Brindol owes you a great debt of gratitude this day and I thought it only fitting that I, as a member of the council should meet with you to express that gratitude.”

As he spoke each of the adventurers in turn were treated to a firm handshake and friendly, if piercing look in the eye, as if Troyas were sizing them each up.

Gladys, clearly slightly taken aback to be suddenly being thanked by one of the leaders of her town, stammered a reply … “Ah, thank you Councilman… but you do not owe us a debt. We did no more than any concerned citizen might do… no more than the City Guard might do at any time.”

Troyas laughed … “Oh you are too modest Gladys, too modest indeed”

Gladys started at the sudden realisation that the Councilmember knew her name.

“While it is true that on a night such as last night we might reasonably expect everyone and anyone to contribute to the defence of the city, the truth is that you four were uniquely successful. Certainly the City Guard did their work, but they were outnumbered and overpowered in many instances. And as a result we lost far too many of them.”

For a moment he hung his head, clearly a little overwhelmed at the losses the city has suffered.

“Plus of course, you drove off that Ogre. I truly hate to think of the loss we might have suffered had you not done that. The beast had already killed two groups of Guards and a number of the folk of Brindol, and I do not know how we would have stopped it if you had not intervened. For that, if nothing else, you are deserving of our thanks.”

With that, Troyas put the small box down on the table and opened it. Out of the box he took four small silver broaches finely worked and each with a small copy of the symbol of Brindol worked in to it. He moved among the group and pinned the broach onto cloak or tunic as available and said… “This is just a small token of our appreciation. And perhaps a hint of things to come. Brindol is still in need and I may have a task for you that could increase your fame and provide you with an opportunity to gain more of Brindol’s appreciation.”

Troyas sighed and rubs his forehead for a moment as if considering where to begin.

“It would seem that our attackers were not simply here to cause mayhem last night. It would appear that they also had some specific goals in mind. While many of them were killing and setting fires, one group broke in to the Hall of Valor and made of with some of the relics stored there..”

Thomas interjected with a puzzled frown… “Hall of Valor? What is that?”

Troyas looked across at the shifter and replied … “The Hall of Valor is where we keep alive memories of those who have done great things for Brindol and the Vale. Relics of heroes of the past. Most specifically in this case, relics relating to the battle with the army of the Red Hand. The goblins seem to have specifically targeted the relics from that time. That seems to be all that they took from the Hall. Well that and Sertanian – which brings me to our other point. The goblins seem to have … taken … some people. We’re not completely sure how many at this stage. Some goblins were seen herding a group of prisoners away, and we have at least ten people that we can’t account for at the moment. The people who saw the goblins couldn’t be sure of numbers of prisoners, but probably at least half a dozen. Sertanian, the castellan of the Hall of Valor is one of those missing.”

He paused to look around at each of the group… “Here then is the deal. I want you to follow the goblins to their lair, rescue the captives and recover the relics. If you can manage to break the back of the goblin group so much the better, but the aim here is to rescue and to recover. When you bring back the captives and the relics I will pay you each one hundred gold pieces and the gratitude of Brindol will be yours. So, what say you?”

Chenia glanced at each of the others for a moment, seeing the determination and acceptance in their eyes.

“Yes Councilman,” she said quietly, “we will.”



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